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Become a Travel Agent at Home

Become a Travel Agent at Home

become a travel agent at homeIf you are interested in learning how to become a travel agent at home, you will want to work with an accredited agency. Accreditation is a unique number assigned to a travel agency, which is a form of agency identification. How you acquire your accreditation differs depending on if you’re an independent agent, working through a host agency, or both. For our purposes, we are going to talk about using a host agency.

What is a Travel Agent Host Agency

A host agency is a licensed organization that acts as a hub for travel agents. Travel agents then work as independent contractors, but all use the same accreditation number as their host agency. That is what allows you to become a travel agent at home so you can be where you want to be.

You are then considered an independent contractor. This means you are still 100% the owner and operator of your business. So, you are not an employee of the host agency. You have the benefit of utilizing the credentials and vendor relationships of the host agency. You can make your own hours and work where you want, on your time.

This is a huge benefit which allows you to sell travel with a significantly reduced amount of stress, time and money. Also, you have the benefit of their experience and support! This is a win-win all the way and most of all, this allows you to work from the comforts of your own home.

Is This For You?

become a travel agent at homeIf you have been considering becoming a travel agent the next step is yours because you cannot know if you don’t try. In life, you have to ask the questions to get the answers.

Want to know more, then just ask. Life is short there are too many beautiful places to see. There are too many wonderful people to help free and too much money in the travel industry for you not to get your piece! Your next adventure is waiting for you.

Join the thousands of agents who got their start with a host agency. Fill out the form below to get started today! This is your life and you can have your own travel business. You are not alone in it, we are here to support you. What are you waiting for? I will get back to you shortly after you submit your information.


Becoming A Travel Agent

Travel agents and consultants research, plan and book trips for individuals and groups. You can develop relationships with your customers and those customers will usually keep coming back to you for each and every vacation and trip that they take.

As a Travel agent you can gain experience finding and booking travel at great prices. You will do the research and planning to get the best available deals and specials for any trip that your customer wants to take.

Even though they may be able to book the trip themselves, they probably do not have the connections and know how to find the best offerings and tours at the best rates and which adventures and events are available throughout the year around the world. Plus arranging a full vacation takes a good amount of planning, preparation and research and most people just don’t know how to do this but they don’t have to. That is where you come in.

Want to know more about the opportunity and how to make money?

Once you are certified you can start to take individual training classes offered from the different vendors and even specialize in different types of travel specific areas such as becoming a specialist in the Bahamas, Caribbean or Europe as well as becoming a cruise specialist.

Many of the incentives you receive will include discounted rates on hotels, cars, tours, cruises and many companies offer fam trips, so that you can become familiar with them and this way you are encouraged to sell the hotels, cruises and tours yourself.

Plus it is an awesome feeling to know you are helping people create vacations and special events that will result in memories that they can cherish and that will last forever!

In order to begin your travel career, you will want to make sure you get the proper training and certification needed. Though it does take some effort it is really not as difficult as you may think. We can help you get certified so that you can begin making commissions and experiencing the benefits and rewards of being a travel agent.