Fundraisers To Raise Money For Your Cause


Of the many fundraisers you have been a part of you have probably done the chocolates, the auctions, the cookies, the magazines full of buyable toys and trinkets but have you ever thought about offering a cruise to make money for your non-profit?

There are other options available that are a lot more fun and exciting. Travel is the number one word searched on the internet.  That is because everyone is either already doing it or they want to.

Cruises are an awesome way to earn needed funds. When you book your fundraiser cruise with us we can help you set up your group. This way you can earn money based on the number of cabins and days of the cruise, plus in many cases, on top of the money, you earn you can also earn free cabins. You can either offer these to the leaders of your group or organization or to resell for more funds toward your non-profit.

We will walk you through the whole process, explain how it works and show you all the available options. Enter your information on the form to the right and we will contact you shortly. You can also call 1-775-525-1504.