5 Major Benefits to Owning Your Own Home Based Business

Five Major Benefits to Owning Your Own Home Based Business

There are many benefits to working from home and owning your own home-based business. The number of people involved in direct selling has been growing substantially over the years. The direct selling industry is appealing to both men and women of all ages. Of the many benefits to working from home, below you will find some of the biggest high points I have found.

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No traffic

Did you know that there is something called extreme commuting? This means that there are some people that have to travel for more than 2 hours each way to get to work? I read about a guy who spent 3 hours getting to work by way of 2 trains then had to walk the last 20 minutes. That’s an incredible 6 hours en route to and from work!

The daily commute for you, when you work from home, can be as quick as jumping out of bed. You can set up your own workspace somewhere in your home, like an extra room, the den or even the kitchen. Whatever works best for you.


Make your own hours

If you are a parent you can work around your daily mom or dad schedules and you won’t miss those big events (plays, soccer or volleyball games, parent-teacher meetings etc.). One of the biggest regrets that many people have is that they have to miss many firsts in their children’s lives. When you work from home you don’t have to.

Work where you want

This was briefly cover above, but you can work anywhere, in your house, you’re the backyard on a beautiful day or by the pool or wherever you want. We now have the ability to work right from our phones so you’re not stuck in one place. You are also not stuck in an office or a cubicle working for someone else.

time and moneySave time and money

Save on gas and daycare, time and frustration. You don’t have to pay for someone else to watch your children unless you choose to, and you don’t have the expense of the gas you normally use going to and from work.

Financial freedom

You have the potential to earn money from home. You can work part-time or full-time. Your pay depends on your own efforts but in network marketing, you have the ability to earn residual income. You can make money based on your efforts and the efforts of your team members. This gives the potential earn a substantial income.

These are just a few reasons that so many people are joining the work from home force daily. If you are interested in learning more about how you can work from home in the amazing industry of travel, contact me for more information. You can fill out the form below for more info.


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Become a Travel Agent at Home

Become a Travel Agent at Home

become a travel agent at homeIf you are interested in learning how to become a travel agent at home, you will want to work with an accredited agency. Accreditation is a unique number assigned to a travel agency, which is a form of agency identification. How you acquire your accreditation differs depending on if you’re an independent agent, working through a host agency, or both. For our purposes, we are going to talk about using a host agency.

What is a Travel Agent Host Agency

A host agency is a licensed organization that acts as a hub for travel agents. Travel agents then work as independent contractors, but all use the same accreditation number as their host agency. That is what allows you to become a travel agent at home so you can be where you want to be.

You are then considered an independent contractor. This means you are still 100% the owner and operator of your business. So, you are not an employee of the host agency. You have the benefit of utilizing the credentials and vendor relationships of the host agency. You can make your own hours and work where you want, on your time.

This is a huge benefit which allows you to sell travel with a significantly reduced amount of stress, time and money. Also, you have the benefit of their experience and support! This is a win-win all the way and most of all, this allows you to work from the comforts of your own home.

Is This For You?

become a travel agent at homeIf you have been considering becoming a travel agent the next step is yours because you cannot know if you don’t try. In life, you have to ask the questions to get the answers.

Want to know more, then just ask. Life is short there are too many beautiful places to see. There are too many wonderful people to help free and too much money in the travel industry for you not to get your piece! Your next adventure is waiting for you.

Join the thousands of agents who got their start with a host agency. Fill out the form below to get started today! This is your life and you can have your own travel business. You are not alone in it, we are here to support you. What are you waiting for? I will get back to you shortly after you submit your information.


Adventure – Your Next one is Out There.. Go Find It

Looking for adventure? Ever wanted to swim with the dolphins? Visit the Mayan ruins or the pyramids? How about spending some time in an ice igloo. Or how about watching the northern lights perform a dancing, dazzling display as you drift off to sleep in your toasty glass igloo. Amazing adventures await you!northern lights adventure


Scotland adventure

castles adventure
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There’s an adventure for everyone, things to see and do on this beautiful planet we call home. Many of which you never even knew existed. Everything from staying in a 12th century fortress, to spending the night in a medieval castle. Like this 13th century castle that now serves as a hotel on the right. Or this haunted beauty in Scotland shown on the left. If castles aren’t your thing, no problem, you can hike the vertical stairs at Machu Pichu. There is something for everyone young and old.



You can swim with piggies in the Caribbean, rent an entire island, scale a mountain and pitch a tent on the vertical face at 4000 ft. There are cave and cavern tours, Buddhist temples and ancient monasteries. You can check out the crooked forest of Western Poland where 400 trees all grow at a 90 degree angle.

crooked forest adventure
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camping adventure
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Nature with a touch of the modern

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You can ride a Russian hovercraft across Lake Baikal in Siberia or play paint ball n the Tiaga Forest. You can even go ice golfing. If you can think of it you can probably do it. There is no shortage of adventure and activities and amazing places to visit. So get creative and use your imagination. Life is short so get on board and start living it! Where ever you want to go, we can help you get there. Fill out the form to the left for more information.

Traveling With Pets-Pets Make Traveling More Fun

Traveling with Pets

traveling with petsWe are closer than ever to our pets. This is a wonderful change, but it also brings about a few questions when traveling. Traveling with pets has become more and more common. Traveling by plane is still a bit mysterious and would really be something to look into well in advance if possible. This way you can plan ahead and know exactly what you are looking at. Each airline will have their own set of rules and regulations for our four footed friends.

Driving is another option but unless the drive is part of the journey, driving will obviously take up a lot more of your vacation time. If the drive is part of the journey this can be an awesome vacation experience for both you and your furry best friend!

Safety and Security

There are a few things you can do to help keep your pets safe and happy while traveling. The latest trend would be for those that do not have a chip, you can find wearable technology. In the event that your favorite little guy or gal gets lost you can find them using a smart phone app.

When traveling with pets, bringing some of their favorite toys will help them feel secure. Besides you, the toy is another familiar thing to help keep them content. Check ahead to see that the country you will be visiting has the food you normally give your pet. If not, make sure that you bring enough with you to last the entire trip. Trying to get them to switch mid-trip, especially if your pet is a picky eater may prove to be difficult and expensive.


When staying in a hotel, many allow pets but do charge a fee. The fee is often dependent on the size of your traveling buddy. Many hotels that are used to accepting pets in the rooms. They may be able to provide you with a list of pet sitters in the area. They may also have other services to help keep you and your buddy happy. Traveling with your pets is not at a point where it is seamless but you can minimize many headaches by taking care of the details ahead of time.traveling with pets

Best Places To Visit In The USA

Best Places To Visit In The USA

If you live in the USA, you probably dream about visiting some of the amazing places in our world like Paris, Italy, the Caribbean, Holland, the Mexican Riviera, Thailand, Egypt, Machu Picchu and the list could go on forever, but there are some pretty awesome places right in your own country! Whether you live in the US or not, we have a lot to offer you on your next amazing holiday. Below you will find a list of 5 wonderful destinations, some of the most awe-inspiring places in the US and some that are just plain FUN!

Mount Rushmore

1. Mount Rushmore

Built as a way to attract tourists to the area, is a magnificent sculpture that was carved into Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. It is an awe-inspiring monument, America’s Shrine of Democracy featuring the 60-foot faces of four great American presidents who represent the birth, growth, development, and preservation of this country.and Mount Rushmore has become an iconic symbol of the United States.

Grand Canyon

2. The Grand Canyon

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, drawing nearly 5 million visitors every year. Great for hiking and biking and even camping and you don’t need a ranger to guide you through the park, thanks to the cell phone audio tours available at popular sites throughout the park. Amazing rock formations as far as the eye can see. The museums and yes, the glass bottom bridge. All are sure to delight and leave you in utter amazement.


3. Yellowstone National Park

with steaming geysers, multicolored pools, bubbling hot springs and hiking trails that stretch for miles, there’s plenty to excite nature lovers of all kinds. Some things just have to be seen to be believed. You can visit Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the Grand Prismatic Spring (pictured above) get a glimpse of the fascinating wildlife in the park and visit the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.


4. Hawaii

Our very own tropical paradise! You can visit an active volcano and watch fire spitting show as the molten hot lava meets the ocean, visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. Did you know that it actually does snow in Hawaii, but only at the summit of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. There is an observatory at the summit of Mauna Kea and you can actually visit the peak, which is 14,000 above sea level, however, the Visitors Information Center at 9,200 is equipped with telescopes for stargazers. You can also attend a luau, the Polynesian Cultural Center or one of the many other Polynesian shows and of course hit the beach for some sand surf and fun, snorkeling, diving or fishing. There are so many fun things to do, it would be impossible to get bored. There is something for everyone.

Niagara Falls

5. Niagara Falls

Bordering the US and Canada. This is definitely a natural wonder with breath-taking waterfalls. Millions of gallons of water, about 750,000 gallons every second. You can view the magnificent cascade of waterfalls from the decks, boats, and vistas as well as the many trails, even a helicopter ride or from the skywheel, which is actually a giant ferris wheel! You can also visit one of the many museums, like the wax museum, aerospace museum, and the science museum. The spectacular Cave of the Winds Tour takes visitors into the stormy mist zone. You are sure to have an amazing time.

Although there are many beautiful and amazing places all over the world that you should definitely do your best to visit, remember that there are also some incredible sites and destinations that are bringing people from all around the world to your very own backyard that are sure to have plenty to offer you and your family on your next vacation.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean, when you hear it what is the first thing you think of? Romantic hide-away, crystal blue waters, amazing beaches, awesome cultural experiences? You are right!beachchaircouple

If you are heading to the Caribbean expect to have an amazing time. There is a multitude of activities you can participate in like, swimming with the dolphins or stingrays, river rafting and tubing, bamboo rafting, visit the Bob Marley museum, surfing, cultural tours, Catamaran tours, horseback riding, golfing, you can even just hang out at the beach and enjoy the gorgeous ocean views. There are so many options for fun you can’t possibly do them all.

An awesome way to get there is a Caribbean cruise. Cruises are fantastic because your room and food are all covered plus you can enjoy the awesome on-board activities for you, your spouse and the kids and you can add exciting tours and off-ship activities that appeal to you and your family. We have great prices to get you there too!romance

Looking for a little romance? A Caribbean getaway is just what the doctor ordered! There is something very sexy about the Caribbean. Maybe it’s the tropical atmosphere, the enchanting hotels and resorts, the inviting crystal blue waters dancing around her shoulders under the warm wonderful sunshine, the delicious island cuisine, or the seclusion that many of the islands offer. Whatever it is, it will bring the best out in you and your significant other.

Whether you want to go by land, air or sea we can help get you there at the best prices or any other destination you have your heart set on! Use the form at the right to contact us today.


Millennials On The Move

adobestock_108454035Millennials are the wave of the future. You hear a lot about young people wanting everything for free and feeling entitled, however, there is a force within this group that are the up and coming millionaires and even future billionaires These kids are technologically savvy and they are quick learners. They are go-getters who do not slow down. They have an incredible drive.

They know what they want and they know how to get it. They love to travel and more importantly they love to be seen traveling. Success is what they’re after and they’re not afraid to show it. Do not dismiss or discount this group. As a matter of fact, you should be seeking them out.millennialguy

They are the future of luxury travel. They don’t just want to travel, they want to travel in style. They don’t want to avoid the mini-fridge, they want to be able to grab what they want out of it without giving it another thought. They are the foodies that are taking pics of their expensive meals and sharing that lifestyle on social media. They want and will have the good life. Your job is to help them get it. They are excellent customer prospects but they are also prime candidates for the travel business itself.

confidentagentThe travel industry as a business is appealing because it involves what is already on their agenda, travel. Travel is already what they want to do. When they can make money doing what they love, there is nothing left to stop them because again, they are not afraid of work as long as they know it will lead them to where they want to go. When you help to connect them with their dreams and show them that there is a way to get what they want but it requires them to roll up their sleeves, pick up the bat and swing, they will drive it right out of the ball field.


Cruising… Do I Need A Passport?

Summer may be over but the cruisers are still out and thriving. If you planning a cruise in the near future you may be wondering if you need your passport. Generally, for the US the rules are as follows:Boarding pass and passport on map with thumbtack concept for travel and vacations

US Domestic Cruises (including Canada)

For cruises that begin and/or end in a U.S port, the following WHTI-Compliant Documents are acceptable for cruise travel. These standard forms of documentation will enable the Department of Homeland Security to quickly and reliably identify a traveler.

-U.S. Passport
-Passport Card
-State Enhanced Driver’s License
-Certificate of U.S. Naturalization

Also acceptable for cruise travel, U.S. citizens can show proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate issued by a government agency, accompanied by a government-issued photo I.D.

Entry into Canada: If the cruise includes air travel to or from Canada, a valid, unexpired U.S. passport is required.

Europe and Transatlantic Cruises

U.S citizens are required to carry a passport, valid for three months beyond the date of their visit. Guests are not required to have a Schengen Visa or other visas.

Always double check with your travel agent for the latest information and requirements as this can change at any time.

If you need help with your cruise booking or have any questions, contact me and I will do my best to help.

5 Reasons A Cruise Is The Perfect Vacation

When you are planning your next vacation make sure you consider a cruise. Cruise Travel Outpaces General Leisure Travel. According to CLIA the global cruise association, between 2008 and 2014, cruise travel outpaced general leisure travel in the U.S. by 22%. Do you know why that is? Below you will find 5 awesome reasons that cruising is the way to vacation in 2016!

  1. Cruises offer multi-destination vacations- Want to visit the Florida Keys, Nassau, Freeport, Halfmoon Cay (Bahamas), Jamaica, Alaska, the different islands of Hawaii or Spain, Italy, and France a cruise has you covered. 
  2. Cruise are all-inclusive with optional add-ons- You can enjoy an all you can eat buffet, 24 hour room service, and other onboard free dining options as well as the included onboard activities, childcare and self-guided site-seeing when at dock. Or you can pay a little extra for some of the fine dining and specialty restaurant options as well as the exciting guided tours and treks but you don’t have to because everything that is included is enough to make it the best vacation ever. You have the option.
  3. Cruises are great family vacations- Cruises offer activities for adults and kids alike. For grandma and grandpa, mom, dad and kids of all ages. They have programs for kids of all ages. Akin to day camp. Something fun and exciting for everyone
  4. You only unpack once- No matter how many ports you are visiting you get to stay in the same room. No packing and unpacking at each destination.
  5. New Adventures at each port- You have the option of visiting new and exciting places at each port you dock. You can visit historic sites and ancient ruins, go shopping, try zip lining, swim with the dolphins or stingrays, hiking, ATV riding, deep sea fishing, whale watching, experience the culture of the area and enjoy local activities and dining. The world is truly your oyster.

There are so many other reasons to cruise on your next vacation. You can really relax and enjoy yourself and the sunsets are amazing! So the next time you are looking for a new and exciting vacation idea consider a cruise. If you would like more information on available options contact me and I will help you plan an awesome cruise vacation!

Love to Travel?

travelsignsAs a travel agent I help you find the best rates available. We let you know about specials and discounts you may not have known about. We help you plan the perfect vacation, honey moon, business trip or girlfriend getaway. We are really industry insiders in that way.

We take on the task of doing the research for you so you don’t have to. You don’t have to compare prices to get the best deals because we do it for you. You don’t have to spend hours and even days trying to figure out the awesome places visit or the activities that are available at your destination because we do that for you.

Have you ever wondered how we get paid?

Most Eiffel Tower against sunrise in Paris, Franceagents, myself included, do not tack on any fees or additional service charges. We make commissions that are paid directly from the vendors. So you are not paying more by using an agent. The vendors do not add this to your vacation cost either. This is a courtesy to you, the customer, because I really do want to help you plan the perfect vacation or trip.

There is something about visiting a new place, an old favorite and just getting away from theconfidentagent stuff you do and the people you see every single day that revitalizes and refreshes your mind and body.

This is why this industry has such a hold on me! We help people change their perspective for a little while which in turn can change their perspective positively for life!

We also help people change their lives financially If you love to travel and want to be a part of a 5 trillion dollar industry and work from home. You can. This is something that you can be passionate about.  I can help you. We have an awesome team. We also have the ability to get paid for helping others do exactly what we do. Success is possible. You just need to make a move.